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  When America Isn't American 25 October 2008
Do We Truly Desire to be Free?
  The Speech I Wish Someone Had Given Me When I Was 12 21 October 2008
Who are you and why are you here? A meditation on being human.
  Free Speech and the College Campus: A Good Idea? 17 October 2008
Is it reasonable for a college to prevent those from speaking with whom they disagree.
  Abortion: A Real Solution 16 October 2008
Or, A Not So Modest Proposal To Make As Many People As Miserable As Possible, All In The Name of Being Absolutely Moral (A Satire)
  Memento Mori: On Life, Death, and Love 16 October 2008
Life, death, and love are the holy trinity of a meaningful human existence. A meditation on fate and fatality.
  Abortion: A Real Solution 16 October 2008
Or, A Not So Modest Proposal To Make As Many People As Miserable As Possible, All In The Name of Being Absolutely Moral (A Satire)
  Stoicism: Beyond Pessimism and Optimism 12 October 2008
Was Mick Jagger channeling the Stoic philosophers when he sang, "You can't always get what you want?" Read on and find the answer to this and other pressing questions about life and reality.
  Salvation by Pop Culture 7 October 2008
The surprisingly positive influence of pop culture on the education of a child in America.
  Experience, Understanding, and Understanding Experience 5 October 2008
There is living, and there is life lived in the search for something worth living for. An exploration of the meaning of a meaningful life.
  Why Voting Libertarian is Not a Waste of Your Time 4 October 2008
Why a lifelong liberal Democrat has decided to vote for Bob Barr and not Barack Obama.
  Saying "no" to the Bailout 2 October 2008
An exploration of why the Wall Street Bailout is likely nothing more than a continuation of the Bush Administration's ongoing policy of exaggeration, deception, and desire to expand executive power.
  My Letter to the Editor of The Dahlonega Nugget (unedited version) 16 January 2008
Being human means being limited and recognizing just where the boundary lines lie – and why.
  From the Silence 31 October 2007
There is no escape -- and that is the escape. A meditation on Halloween, death, repression, and other festive topics.
  Sermon Thousand Ninety-Nine; or, There’s More Than One Way to Be a Christian, Mr. Falwell 15 May 2007
May the good reverend rest in peace; now maybe the rest of us can work on living in peace.
  Sarcastic Venom in a Fruit Jar, Straight from the Mountain 7 May 2007
I'm mad as Hell and have no choice but take it some more.
  Midnight Between Life and Death 6 April 2007
The eternal struggle, a confession of personal failures, and the question: Will an impossible victory emerge after the triumph of destruction.
  Mr. Bush, Will You Swear To Tell the Truth…? 22 March 2007
Who does the president serve: us or himself?
  Of Demons, the Creative Soul, and the Holy Spirit of God 12 March 2007
Another blow in the war against standardization.
  41 Years in the Land of the Free 19 February 2007
Why I am sick of American politics. And you?
  There’s Something Better Than Power 31 January 2007
On the value of creativity and an education that teaches people to appreciate creativity.
  Excusing the Executive? 29 December 2006
An appreciation of the late President Gerald Ford.
  In God We Trust? 22 December 2006
A meditation on tolerance and goodness and yet more shameful behavior on the political scene.




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