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Final Fantasm
March 2005

Subsequent pages contain all sorts of things you probably shouldn't show
your coworkers, kids, roomate, dog, parents, etc.
Enter at your own risk.

I was somewhat dismayed to hear this was the final Fantasm. Fantasm and I go way back, even before Fantasm. No, that doesn't make sense, unless you know the full history of this convention. But dredging around in my archives, I don't have reviews of MOC, the ancient, almost forgotten ancestor of Fantasm. So be it. You'll just have to trust me on this one - Fantasm and I are old friends and it pains me to lose it, despite the fact that it is going to split into several potentially new friends.

If you're interested in some historical research, here's reviews of previous years, some with photos, some without, some with hardly a mention of the insanity and perversion that went on:

I didnít take any notes this weekend as I normally do, so Iím relying on my photos to remind me of what happened. I apologize if I have times, places, names, or any other details incorrect. Let me know if I have your name wrong, or if you're one of those types who has a mundane life separate from your con existence and can't allow your secret identity exposed in a pictorial review else the super villains will hunt you down and ruin your credit rating.

Shall we begin?

Disclaimer and Previous Fantasm Reviews Thursday - Fantasm Fannies Thursday - Prom Friday - Afunkalypse Saturday

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