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Final Fantasm
March 2005

Disclaimer and Previous Fantasm Reviews Thursday - Fantasm Fannies Thursday - Prom Friday - Afunkalypse Saturday
I took off Thursday to run errands and get to the Holiday Inn relatively early. I wanted to see the suite degenerate WW was kind enough to share for our party the following night, see old friends, and generally run amok as much as I could. As it was St. Patrick’s Day, I was done up in my greenest retro funk attire. I got tons of compliments on my pants, which I knew were fantastic but my girlfriend hates. SW doesn’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to fashion but, as any con whore knows, I don’t mind making a fool of myself!

Award ceremony photos courtesy of  Hell on Heels.

I plopped down at the Fantasm Fannies award ceremony, intending to heckle for a few minutes before wandering off in search of something else to do. But when the first award was presented, John “The Reverend” Ling wasn’t there to receive it and there was an awkward silence. Finally the presenter asked if someone would accept the award for him so I volunteered and made a joke about him already being passed out in the back.
Next award, the recipient wasn’t there either. As a joke, I hopped up and took that one as well. Pretty soon I realized it was Thursday and a whole lot of folks weren’t going to be there. Then the crowd began demanding I accept the awards for absentees and next thing I know I’m a running joke. Woohoo!

The down side was I didn’t know everyone involved so I couldn’t make witty comments at the podium and after 8 or 9 times up there I was definitely running out of material. But fuck it, I hate award shows anyhow so I did the best I could to make it a fun show and if it was a train wreck then at least it was a memorable one.
(And for all who are asking, yes, I did deliver the trophies to their intended recipients. At least all the ones I could remember…)

There were a few performances in between award presentations, just like a televised award show.

This one could've been a number from the Tony awards, at least at first. It was a cute little dance routine done to Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, a Meatloaf tune. But of course Fantasm wouldn't have just any award show performance. Inevitably, it must turn perverse...

and even more perverse...

Other performances didn't even start innocently, and ended even more obscenely. Oh, I love Fantasm...

Disclaimer and Previous Fantasm Reviews Thursday - Fantasm Fannies Thursday - Prom Friday - Afunkalypse Saturday

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