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The Earl
June 2004

Next on the main stage, Hot Young Priest. Led by a cute girl with an 80's poodly preppie haircut, you wouldn't expect the noisy rolling thunder they produce, a sound I've heard from another local act before but I can't bring to mind a name. So many bands, so many burnt out brain cells...
I enjoyed Hot Young Priest. They swung from rootsy rock to stuff that was almost tribal. Definitely recommended.
On the side stage, Black Love oozed out synthetic sounds from two keyboards that was something between Tangerine Dream and Ross Gellar. Very artsy. When they started singing it took on more of a Mr. Roboto sound.

It sounded like background music from something produced by the Sci-fi Channel, at least as long as I could stand it (two tunes maybe?)

But for me the whole motivation for going to Corndogorama is seeing acts I've never heard of and might not normally pay to see. But heck, at $5 you're looking at something like 50 cents a band so even if you don't like it you can just slip out for another beverage at the front bar, ogle some pretty flesh, take a leak and before you know it the next act is on.

Speaking of acts I wouldn't normally pay to see, The Brew were the only cultural representatives of the neighborhood that used to be East Atlanta. Five guys doing power rap a la Rage Against the Machine, backed by a three piece metallic band.
The thing I didn't get about The Brew was the need for 5 guys on stage. It made the lyrics indecipherable and cluttered, something I dislike in any genre. But they were obviously having fun, clowning and mugging for their personal cameraman and bouncing around.
They scared off the art school audience Black Love had acquired, but attracted the crowd Black Love had scared off. It was a heck of a contrast.
Speaking of contrasts, a few minutes later in the front bar a little trio started up, pumping out noodly hit-every-note-you-can jazz. Thankfully they weren't playing at the same time as The Brew or I'd have been stuck between a hard rock/rap act and a jazz place. But they were staggered such that I could slip from one room to the next, depending on my mood and interests.
Also meandering from room to room was Ms. Corndog, shown here with Dang Dang Dang member Rick Dang.

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