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The Earl
June 2004

Brass Knuckle Surfer took over the side stage and it took me a moment to figure out where I'd seen them before. Then I realized they were the backing band for The Brew the night before. But instead of cranking out heavy/hard stuff for 5 rappers, they grooved along super spacey instrumental tracks with the aid of a violinist. Interesting, but yet again I couldn't help but think of it as background music for a movie or something - it just didn't seem to stand on it's own.
An act that never fails to chase out half the crowd is Hubcap City. Bill Taft, on the left, tells strange tales while the band plays various instruments and found objects, such as this big chunk of steel beam. Both the stories and the sound are completely off kilter.
American Dream is lead by Corndogorama organizer Dave Railey. They remind me of Pavement/Steven Malkmus, but with lyrics that make a tiny bit more sense. Matching the mood of many acts we saw, they aren't exactly chipper. Dave made reference to this for their last song, saying something along the lines of "I've heard people say 'American Dream doesn't rock.'" before turning up the tempo a hair.
I looked away for a moment and just missed Dave hurling his guitar out into the room. The clatter it made as it landed inches from me returned my attention to the stage just in time to see him slip out of the room. Random people walked over and banged on the instrument until the sound guy killed the feed from the booth.
Somewhere in there we pushed through the sardine can that was the front bar where Cadillac Jones was jamming out their funky jazz so we could get more corndogs.
SW and CD pose for a camera phone. The Daily Show said something like, "It combines the image capabilities of the cell phone with the audio quality of a digital camera."
The lovely Buffy of Tiger Tiger Tiger said, "So we were all supposed to wear ridiculous outfits..." in an effort to explain her tiger print bikini and fishnets.
A couple of other members had joined in the costume fun, but others opted for the usual jeans and t-shirt look.

But Tiger Tiger Tiger aren't as much about the visual appeal, despite Buffy's winning smile and deadly sneer.

It's their Chrissie Hynde fronting a coked-up Velvet Underground sound that keeps my interest. Punky energy with technical skill and interesting melodies - and a hot girl to ogle. I don't ask for much more from my music!

Meanwhile, at the Star Bar...


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