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The Earl
June 2004

Moresight took the main stage with stuff that's tough to label. Spacey guitar sometimes, distortion other times, with a solid beat throughout but with those keys that are automatic downers. (One of these days I might have to learn something about music. But then I couldn't critique it from the perspective of the average, ignorant joe...)
They switched instruments a couple of times, changing their sound a little more. Good stuff for your down and out moods.

I turned to see a maze of wires and pedals and computers and gear that was Emery Reel set up on the side stage. This inspired us to have Emery Reel as the first ever photo montage that does not include the actual band members, but instead focuses entirely on their excess gear.

And that's not even all of it. But in addition to the computers, keyboards, pedals of all sorts and sizes, guitars and drum kit, no equipment fetishist could be satisfied without...

a xylophone!

Emery Reel produced a sound that was somewhat symphonic, as you might expect with all the instruments, that could've been used as background music in an interesting indie film. I didn't find it interesting enough to justify all the gear and would've been just as happy skipping them entirely to fetch another beer. But when they had all the stuff set up they had my expectations high.

Last up, Good Friday Experiment, calm, sort of soulful and spacey with lots of organ and electric piano up front. Pretty good, but I was wishing for something with a little more testosterone after a long evening of random music and booze.

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