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Dragon*Con, Drive Invasion, Blues Barbecue
Labor Day weekend 2004

Dragon*Con Drive Invasion
Day 1,
Drive Invasion
Day 1,
Bands and B-movies
Drive Invasion
Day 2, Bikes and Bands
Drive Invasion
Day 2, Babes, Bands and B-movies
The lovely ladies of Doll Squad did numbers in between musical acts, kicking off with Lucky La Rouge dancing to Stray Cats.

(Sorry, guys, this kitten has a tomcat of her own.)

She was followed by Kitty Katrell as a postal worker. She gave you a behind the scenes look at the business, poking through your mail and kicking your packages across the stage.
but then gave us a behind the uniform look at her business, barely covered in postal tape and bows.
She suffered a minor "wardrobe malfunction" when one of her bows slipped off. She covered for a bit, but then joyously showed it all, to the delight of the fans.
Including this young 'un who looked at me a moment later with the biggest grin I've ever seen. I was laughing too hard to catch him with the camera but damn it was cute!

And you thought you hated the post office...

Next, The Cogburns brought straight up rock with pop hooks,
and special guest Johnny Knox, the only guy to play all 6 Invasions.

He fit into the mix just fine.

But probably the best part of their show was the kid sitting on the edge of the stage.

He was dancing and doing karate kicks and holding up the devil horns - cute as can be!
Speaking of cute...

Barbelicious came out holding a big paper moon, then sang Paper Moon.

Unfortunately I missed the name of this member of the Doll Squad.
I also didn't get the best pictures 'cause the camera was shaking and covered in drool...

Davie Allan cranked out fuzzy instrumentals and a few songs,
lots of soundtrack material from the films we'd be enjoying later.
Good stuff, but I think I was distracted by drinks in Trailer Vic's,
served up in bamboo cups cut fresh while you waited.

The sun set as we lounged in the makeshift tiki lounge,
another burlesque act came and went,
and all the sudden in was time for Nashville Pussy!

They admitted they were assholes for only playing Atlanta once in three fuckin' years,
then proceeded to R O C K!!

Some of the folks up front look like zombies in this shot -
don't know how they managed to remain unmoved by the show.

Fortunately other fans enjoyed it as much as I did, though with the antics
of Ruyter and the thunder the band produces I don't think I'd notice
if anyone else was enjoying themselves or not...

Instead, it became a heavy metal blur, loud and fast with choruses that encourage chanting along.
"Go, motherfucker, go!"
Ruyter played so hard she had to strip down,
piece by piece just like the burlesque acts we'd enjoyed all day,
until she climbed onto one of the pedestals on the edge of the stage
in nothing but a vinyl bra and cute cotton panties with "supergirl" written across the butt.

The screen flickered to life with the night's selection of motorcycle mayhem. I can't recall the exact order, but here's what we saw.
The Wild One staring Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin, was the first biker flick back in 1953. Brando has mastered the simmering sulk in this film. It's slow and somewhat quaint by today's standards, but still a fine film.
The Wild Angels, staring Peter Fonda, Nancy Sinatra, and Bruce Dern, is not quite as slow, thanks to Roger Corman's direction, but it's a little pointless. It's sort of a reenactment of a biker funeral and the events that lead up to it. There's lots of fights, drinking, drugs, swastikas, and, of course, motorcycles. Just when you think the movie is about to come to a climax it peters out. For us, the film broke so we didn't even get to see the disappointing ending.
Easy Rider followed, a wonderful film I'd seen too many times to sit through again, especially after a long day. We watched the opening through the Born to be Wild sequence, then packed up and headed home, missing the one film I really wanted to see, Knightriders, "the only film that combines a biker movie and Renaissance festival!" joked Joe Bob Briggs. Some of the hardcore drive in fans and creatures of the night stuck it out, despite being there something like 40 hours straight. I'm usually the first to arrive and last to leave at any festive event, but the drive in brings out the few who can out-party-hardy even me...

Dragon*Con Drive Invasion
Day 1,
Drive Invasion
Day 1,
Bands and B-movies
Drive Invasion
Day 2, Bikes and Bands
Drive Invasion
Day 2, Babes, Bands and B-movies

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