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April 2004

Friday Night

The sun set, the drums sounded (in the courtyard drum circle) and the Friday night parties began in earnest.
Some friends from White Wolf threw the Low Rollerís Lounge party, with liquor in the front and poker in the back, as you might expect at Fantasm...

I attended as The King himself.


Other parties featured other themes, or no theme, but there were some consistencies:

1) Cheap drinks Ė few dare to bother with a full bar or even multiple flavors of beverage. Most mix up a batch of hunch punch and give it some clever name. As if dressing up everclear with koolaid should be called anything other than hunchpunch...
2) Computer-generated music Ė geeks love electronic toys. Bringing a computer packed with MP3ís is the geek equivalent to a high-schooler showing off his souped-up hotrod. Often these machines sit unattended, cranking out whatever racket wonít match the mood of the crowd.

There are a few exceptions, but itís rare, and itís rare that anyone complains. Nobody is there for high quality booze (if so, they bring it themselves) or interesting music (if so, they throw their own party.) Instead, itís all about getting a good buzz from whatever intoxicant one prefers and walking from room to room with a big grin in search of whatever social interaction one prefers.

Some folks can't handle the cheap booze!
Fortunately for you, I just missed getting a picture
of this guy emptying the entire contents of his stomach.

I hit every party I could find, but apparently I missed a few on other floors, in other buildings, some behind closed doors, etc. I still managed to have plenty of fun, stumbling home around 4 AM.

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